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  • Committed [66af12]

    test code to show the different basic textures

  • Committed [7ce9c3]

    syntax highlighting for the SDL in VIM

  • Committed [554a8f]

    the noise texture is now a mapped texture

  • Committed [8c9cd0]

    a basic texture that mimics a conglomerate of d...

  • Committed [fa83c2]

    the checker texture now takes two textures as a...

  • Committed [9712aa]

    more tutorial text and some language corrections

  • Committed [b256b3]

    fixed wrong highlighting of > at the line end

  • Modified ticket #3 on brilliant as reality

    Add dependencies to the TIFF and Freetype libraries to the requirements list.

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  • Project Logo brilliant as reality A raytracer that tries to combine simplicity with power. Last Updated:


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