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  • Committed [1945e4]

    fixed syntax error

  • Committed [254dd1]

    show quantities for items, which are on the gro...

  • Committed [80e1bb]

    display item quantities on bag, keyring and cha...

  • Committed [e5c7e3]

    limit size of chatlog and add scrollbars

  • Committed [33e1b5]

    refocus chatbar after clicking into the world o...

  • Committed [123010]

    added webclient dependencies

  • Committed [838c08]

    renamed license-*.txt to *-license.txt

  • Committed [92469b]

    renamed license-*.txt to *-license.txt

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2004-03-04 15:54:12


  • Project Logo Arianne RPG Arianne is an engine to develop multiplayer online games like Stendhal Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Eclipse Macker Eclipse integration of the tool Macker for architecture checks Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Eclipse Tomcat Plugin Simple handling of a tomcat server in Eclipse IDE Last Updated:
  • Project Logo IrcAppender IrcAppender forwards important log4j messages to an IRC channel Last Updated:
  • Project Logo TestingSF2   Last Updated:


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