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  • Committed [833b9c]

    CmakeLists.txt update so new yajl_ext.c can fin...

  • Committed [96c3d9]

    Upstream bug fix in yajl_fort

  • Committed [f63422]

    Finessed issue of passing array of non-interope...

  • Created ticket #9279 on Forge

    RW access to git repo is hanging

  • Committed [5c309e]

    Added functionality for setting the value of a ...

  • Modified ticket #2 on YAJL-Fort

    Segfault with fyajl_parser%set_option on some platforms

  • Posted a comment on ticket #2 on YAJL-Fort

    I've added a couple C wrappers around yajl_config that have interfaces that are truly...

  • Created a blog post on YAJL-Fort

    YAJL-Fort 1.2 Released

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2003-04-04 02:41:07
New Mexico / United States / MDT


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  • Project Logo Moving Finite Elements   Last Updated:
  • Project Logo NKA Nonlinear Krylov acceleration of fixed-point and Newton-like methods Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Petaca A collection of foundational Fortran modules and libraries Last Updated:
  • Project Logo YAJL-Fort A Fortran interface to the YAJL library Last Updated:


  • Fortran
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Simulations
  • Algorithms
  • Object Oriented
  • Linux
  • C++
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