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  • Committed [7cefd3]

    l10n: Fix more typos in the Swedish translations

  • Committed [dc4a1b]

    l10n: sv.po: Update Swedish translation (2257t0...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #86 on VICE

    Hi! i tried applying this to trunk patch -F 5 -p1 < ./0001-Update-Swedish-translation-2598t0f0u.patch...

  • Committed [80dad7]

    l10n: Fix a couple of typos in the Swedish tran...

  • Committed [d372b5]

    l10n: Update Swedish translation (2228t0f0u)

  • Committed [b6c0df]

    l10n: Update Swedish translation (2211t0f0u)

  • Committed [99d9a7]

    Supports selection on starting date for statistics

  • Committed [953268]

    Had problems with percent calculations. Various...

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