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  • mymmobile


    Hi there!

    We're MymMobile, a young company of web/android app's development located at Barcelona.

    Currently we are working at our first public and non-profit android application focused to show the world our city: an offline Barcelona Metro guide, the BcnMetro android application.

    We are in an early stage of development but planning to finished it by the end of may.

    Send us feedback from our work or any comments at mymmobile@gmail.com

    MymMobile Team

  • mymmobile

    Hello all!!
    Good news!

    We have released at the Android Market the BcnMetro app, so feel free to give it a try (https://market.android.com/details?id=net.mym.bcnmetro)
    It has more than 1000 downloads and a good review!

    We have also released one more application, Evangelio (only in spanish sorry!). It's growing daily the number of downloads and we're very proud of it!

    Thx and enjoy!


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