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  • Committed [9a3234]

    Extend the GetInvInt table to 80 elements

  • Committed [6522e8]

    Extend GetInvInt to support values up to 54

  • Committed [0226b8]

    Set RTMP_PUB_ALLOC if tcUrl is allocated in Pub...

  • Committed [1a07d6]

    Reconnect directly when authenticating, don't w...

  • Committed [4444f2]

    Simplify the logic for freeing reused strings i...

  • Committed [a1900c]

    Replace RTMP_PUB_ALLOC with RTMP_LF_FTCU and RT...

  • Committed [79bb78]

    Set the frame type to AMR_NO_DATA when the bad ...

  • Committed [3b6721]

    Handle the bad frame indicator parameter in the...

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