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  • Committed [c3e46b]

    Fix the kernel config so that it enables tiger ...

  • Committed [87b3b5]

    Small suggested fixes

  • Committed [f33dbc]

    Fix the zero-copy code and make btier work with...

  • Posted a comment on discussion General Discussion on btier

    The control device is used to setup the tier devices with ioctl. However since btier...

  • Committed [3606ae]

    Remove memcpy for binfo where possible

  • Committed [b0d882]

    Revert zerofilled block code

  • Committed [58ea72]

    Fix copyblock and bio

  • Committed [b9541e]

    Enable compilation on older kernels

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2009-01-15 09:57:05


  • Project Logo btier btier creates an automated tiered blockdevice Last Updated:
  • Project Logo eprd EPRD is an eventually persistant ramdisk or diskcache Last Updated:
  • Project Logo lessfs - data deduplication for less   Last Updated:


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