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  • Committed [r10603]

    * merged trunk into release-15.xx branch

  • Committed [r10602]

    - landed at 15.12

  • Committed [r10601]

    - landed at 15.12

  • Modified ticket #260 on Code::Blocks

    Add possibility to change compiler with the Project options manipulator plugin

  • Committed [r10600]

    - whitespace, ability to distinguish between tw...

  • Committed [r10599]

    * Addr2LinUI: make use of new -C parameter for ...

  • Committed [r10598]

    - updated project file for cb_share_config

  • Modified ticket #261 on Code::Blocks

    cb_console_runner is started using ambiguous path

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2003-12-04 13:40:45


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