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  • Committed [r259]

    * enable new menu entry if opening recently ope...

  • Committed [r258]

    * year 2015

  • Committed [r257]

    * updated exchndl crash handler DLL

  • Modified ticket #164 on Code::Blocks

    Workspace missing basic functionality : copy, paste, delete, rename, drag

  • Posted a comment on ticket #164 on Code::Blocks

    Well I guess you are missing some basic principles of C::B. A C::B workspace is completely...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #11 on Code::Blocks

    OK, not too bad. I'll still wait to have that confirmed for Linux...

  • Modified ticket #53 on Code::Blocks

    CodeBlocks unable to properly display a particular file in project

  • Modified ticket #21 on Code::Blocks

    Please reverse zoom direction with mouse wheel

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2003-12-04 13:40:45


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