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  • Posted a comment on ticket #907 on SpamBayes anti-spam

    Did anything change in your Windows environment (upgrade Windows or Outlook, switch...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #149 on SpamBayes anti-spam

    That's probably me (skip@pobox.com). What credential do I have to deposit (and where)...

  • Committed [efecbb]

    Describe a bit about writing test cases for Pyt...

  • Committed [7066be]

    * added a randomize flag and corresponding -r c...

  • Committed [f36936]

    added warning about incompatibility with other ...

  • Committed [b59706]

    fix indentation in three docstrings

  • Committed [94790b]

    simple-minded readline section doc based upon m...

  • Committed [f0c80b]

    added seealso pointing reader at readline examp...

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