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  • Committed [r1931]

    fixes from Detlef Schmicker - wrong result cod...

  • Committed [r1930]

    SgRect: Add method IncludeXY; add unit tests fo...

  • Committed [r1929]

    Add function SgBoardColorChar; add unit tests f...

  • Committed [r1928]

    re-enable book GTP commands which were commente...

  • Committed [r1927]

    Extract common base code from 3x3 patterns

  • Committed [r1926]

    rename Go3x3Pattern to GoPattern3x3

  • Committed [r1925]

    comment out unused code

  • Committed [r1924]

    fix, improve nakade tests

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2004-04-14 21:25:08


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