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  • Posted a comment on ticket #359 on PeaZip

    Correction : Listing content does not mean that password is OK.

  • Created ticket #359 on PeaZip

    Password is good, but content is not shown (have to "flat view")

  • Created ticket #341 on PeaZip

    folders tree (left panel) is not refreshed when "refresh"

  • Created ticket #340 on PeaZip

    The archive info window may be too big, out of screen

  • Posted a comment on ticket #47 on freewrap

    By doing this cross wrapping (windows to linux), it results in 2 files : myscript.zip...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #315 on PeaZip

    Oops, I wish to say *Peazip 5.3.0" only. Sorry for mismatch FreeArc version.

  • Created ticket #315 on PeaZip

    listing .arc archives with the "new" FreeARC 0.666 shows bizare files

  • Posted a comment on ticket #35 on PeaZip

    Moreover, the permissions (-rwxr-xr-x in linux) are forgotten, not restored.

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