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  • Committed [r12796]

    as it was this code did not compile with 4.0.0-...

  • Committed [r12727]

    in one output message, had written 'librsb' ins...

  • Committed [r12726]

    configure chanes: librsb-config is not anymore ...

  • Committed [r12725]

    ./configure --help will show extra info about r...

  • Committed [r12724]

    the autotune case will accept an optional outpu...

  • Committed [r12723]

    readability formatting (mainly spacings) changes.

  • Committed [r12722]

    rsboi_spsm seems to work on nrhs=1.

  • Committed [r12721]

    giving substance to the complex spsm case; this...

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2010-12-20 14:45:53


  • Project Logo Octave Forge A collection of packages providing extra functionality for GNU Octave Last Updated:
  • Project Logo librsb A shared memory parallel sparse matrix computations library. Last Updated:


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