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  • Committed [r4467]

    shx file was not closed

  • Committed [r4465]

    update SetAttributes extension to version 0.6.1...

  • Committed [r4464]

    Initial delay to display the tooltip on right c...

  • Committed [r4462]

    document the unselect attribute added some time...

  • Committed [r4461]

    Update SetAttributes extension to version 0.6 :...

  • Committed [r4460]

    Right-click on the button now displays a rich t...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #402 on The JUMP Pilot Project

    Thanks for the hint. I tried to fix it without reverting to old code as I don't want...

  • Committed [r4453]

    Fix #402 (regression after the fix of #390)

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