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  • Committed [b4fece]

    fix ATIS abort messages format

  • Committed [04c394]

    use a tentative exposure time calculation for t...

  • Committed [c7fbf6]

    put abort messages in ATIS output file; use med...

  • Committed [9e62e2]

    show starchy error messages

  • Committed [1a50a6]

    retry wide center after failure; flux_n limits ...

  • Committed [ceb9db]

    omit using ra_err, dec_err for now

  • Committed [3bee06]

    invert guide/wide camera image displayed in X-w...

  • Committed [271860]

    include settle times in ATIS after moves

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2007-12-24 17:59:50


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  • Project Logo coatis An Automatic Telescope Instruction Set (ATIS) implementation. Last Updated:
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