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  • Created ticket #11329 on Forge

    Please delete my project called tycho_match, it is superseded by one of my other projects (starchy).

  • Committed [8ba182]

    Call SDL_PumpEvents to prevent window fade on c...

  • Committed [c32e68]

    update spectrograph.c to work with lensy library

  • Committed [59b516]

    Add the right executable file

  • Committed [b01dad]

    Update README and executable

  • Committed [4dfd5c]

    Put optics functions in a library; Switch from ...

  • Committed [dadefb]

    remove '+' character from ATIS output line 2

  • Committed [a87305]

    add newline to ATIS output statement 111

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2007-12-24 17:59:50


  • Project Logo AVL file A library for file based AVL tree implementation. Last Updated:
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  • Project Logo coatis An Automatic Telescope Instruction Set (ATIS) implementation. Last Updated:
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