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  • Posted a comment on ticket #46 on Barcode4J

    Can you provide a unit test allowing to reproduce it?

  • Committed [r10174]

    JavaScript: accessing HTMLAnchor properties sho...

  • Committed [r10041]

    re-desactivate SVN test as it fails on the buil...

  • Committed [r10040]

    Avoid exception when handling URLs with unknown...

  • Committed [r10036]

    JavaScript: added basic support for Notification.

  • Committed [r372]

    no need for CVSROOT in SVN

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1657 on HtmlUnit

    The XPath expression looks correct. What do you mean with "fails with htmlunit 2.15"?...

  • Committed [r345]

    run tests with xerces-2.11.0 as well

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