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  • Committed [153789]

    Change auto-stabilise in popup.

  • Committed [a57783]

    Add photo resolution to popup.

  • Committed [ecd88d]

    Display specific toasts when selecting options ...

  • Committed [579a9f]

    Don't show popup button in video mode if no fla...

  • Committed [381dca]

    New popup menu: set flash, focus, ISO, white ba...

  • Committed [1d52ed]

    Initial code and supporting changes for new pop...

  • Committed [c6f61f]

    Make more mobile friendly - problem that too lo...

  • Committed [21616f]

    More info on how to find external SD card direc...

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2002-01-25 21:45:54


  • Project Logo Erebus Real-time RPG for PC/tablet/phone; multiple quests and random dungeons Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Gigalomania Mega-Lo-Mania-like god game: wage war from the stone age to the future Last Updated:
  • Project Logo NewsCoaster   Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Open Camera Camera app for Android. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo QBall QBall is a simple breakout style game for Android, Symbian and others. Last Updated:


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