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  • Committed [565e69]

    Rename save state if we fail to load, rather th...

  • Committed [791be9]

    Fix check for turret_id when loading state.

  • Committed [df17d0]

    Fix last update.

  • Committed [ce9eba]

    UPDATED Improved tower/army map icons.

  • Committed [6fe6fd]

    Change popup background to grey.

  • Committed [1980f9]

    Replace crosses with alpha circles.

  • Committed [a8b55b]

    Fix alignment of alliance_yes/alliance_no buttons.

  • Committed [571701]

    Improve spaceship design icon.

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2002-01-25 21:45:54


  • Project Logo Erebus Real-time RPG for PC/tablet/phone; multiple quests and random dungeons Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Gigalomania Mega-Lo-Mania-like god game: wage war from the stone age to the future Last Updated:
  • Project Logo NewsCoaster   Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Open Camera Camera app for Android. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo QBall QBall is a simple breakout style game for Android, Symbian and others. Last Updated:


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