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  • Committed [c74c47]

    Merge branch 'master' into bug_fixes

  • Committed [a953d0]

    Got rid of crashes in Single mode, multithreadi...

  • Committed [45cc95]

    Speed problem solved for single system, time pl...

  • Committed [739f67]

    Stability still not perfect but overall greatly...

  • Committed [98f577]

    All major thread-related errors appear to be fi...

  • Committed [39d772]

    More sophisticated, versatile format for object...

  • Committed [e463e7]

    Fixed timing bug

  • Committed [4bfbfe]

    cuda kernel working

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2012-05-10 14:51:08


  • Project Logo DynaSys An easy-to-use dynamical systems modeler with great visualizations. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo WaveSorter A powerful, versatile tool for offilne spike analysis and sorting Last Updated:


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