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  • Posted a comment on ticket #6 on pFUnit

    I don't expect you to work your weekends. :-) I haven't changed the length in this...

  • Created ticket #6 on pFUnit

    Name length checking for fixed length strings

  • Created ticket #5 on pFUnit

    Unbalanced allocate in loop in RemoteProxyTestCase.F90

  • Posted a comment on discussion doxygen-develop on Doxygen

    Looks like I've found a bug in 1.8.8. If a string has a backslash as its final character...

  • Created ticket #4 on pFUnit

    Rationalise python hash-bangs

  • Committed [4b7ef9]

    C shim compiles and executes. Just not correctly.

  • Committed [d241af]

    Updated GNU Fortran Make fragment to work in ne...

  • Committed [3e2a18]

    Fixed buid system to work on Power/AIX machine.

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