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  • Committed [3aaf78]

    rename presage_csharp project to

  • Committed [5e2424]

    fix bug and upgrade Notepad++ plugin project to...

  • Committed [5ce41d]

    add .NET and C# artefacts to Windows installer

  • Committed [60cfec]

    bumped version up to 0.9~beta, fix ...

  • Committed [e76c92]

    add error checking and presage exception in c#

  • Committed [913666]

    Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

  • Committed [5c5276]

    rearrange C++ and C APIs layout in header.

  • Committed [595a74]

    add QT and QScintilla steps

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2004-05-17 15:44:08


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