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-RELEASE 2.9.0
+RELEASE 2.9.0 pending
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 Testing and verification
-This release has been tested on UP and SMP architectures. Thanks to Tim
-Theisen for running the Win32 SMP tests.
+The current CVS head version has been tested on an SMP architecture
+(AMD Phenom 9750 Quad Core) by running the MinGW32 (GCC) builds against
+the full test suite, stress tests and benchmarks.
+New Features
+Dependence on the winsock library is now discretionary via
+#define RETAIN_WSALASTERROR in config.h. It is undefined by default unless
+WINCE is defined (because I (RJ) am unsure of the dependency there).
+- Ramiro Polla
+(MSC and GNU builds) The statically linked library now automatically
+initialises and cleans up on program start/exit, i.e. statically linked
+applications need not call the routines pthread_win32_process_attach_np()
+and pthread_win32_process_detach_np() explicitly. The per-thread routine
+pthread_win32_thread_detach_np() is also called at program exit to cleanup
+POSIX resources acquired by the primary Windows native thread (if I (RJ)
+understand the process correctly). Other Windows native threads that call
+POSIX API routines may need to call the thread detach routine on thread
+exit if the application depends on reclaimed POSIX resources or running
+POSIX TSD (TLS) destructors.
+See README.NONPORTABLE for descriptions of these routines.
+- Ramiro Polla
 Bug fixes
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 - Kip Streithorst
 Various fixes to the QueueUserAPCEx async cancellation helper DLL
-and pthreads code cleanups.
+(this is a separate download) and pthreads code cleanups.
 - Sebastian Gottschalk
 Removed potential NULL pointer reference.
 - Robert Kindred
+Removed the requirement that applications restrict the number of threads
+calling pthread_barrier_wait() [on the same barrier] to just the barrier
+count in order to avoid contention and dead lock. Also reduced the
+contention between barrier_wait and barrier_destroy. This change will
+have slowed barriers down slightly but halves the number of semaphores
+consumed per barrier to one.
+- Ross Johnson
 RELEASE 2.8.0