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Mon May 31 10:25:01 1999  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* Makefile (GLANG): Add GCC language option.

Sat May 29 23:29:04 1999  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* runall.bat (condvar5): Add new test.

	* runall.bat (condvar6): Add new test.

	* Makefile (condvar5) : Add new test.
	* Makefile (condvar6) : Add new test.
	* condvar5.c: New test for pthread_cond_broadcast().

	* condvar6.c: New test for pthread_cond_broadcast().

Sun Apr  4 12:04:28 1999  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* tsd1.c (mythread): Change Sleep(0) to sched_yield().
	(sched.h): Include.

	* condvar3.c (mythread): Remove redundant Sleep().

	* runtest.bat: Re-organised to make more informative.

Fri Mar 19 1999  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* *.bat: redirect unwanted output to nul:

	* runall.bat: new.

	* cancel1.c: new. Not part of suite yet.
Mon Mar 15 00:17:55 1999  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* mutex1.c: only test mutex init and destroy; add assertions.

	* count1.c: raise number of spawned threads to 60 (appears to
	be the limit under Win98).

Sun Mar 14 21:31:02 1999  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* test.h (assert): add assertion trace option.
	"#define ASSERT_TRACE 1" to turn it on,
	"#define ASSERT_TRACE 0" to turn it off (default).

	* condvar3.c (main): add more assertions.

	* condvar4.c (main): add more assertions.

	* condvar1.c (main): add more assertions.

Fri Mar 12 08:34:15 1999  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* condvar4.c (cvthing): switch the order of the INITIALIZERs.

	* eyal1.c (main): Fix trylock loop; was not waiting for thread to lock
	the "started" mutex.

Wed Mar 10 10:41:52 1999  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* tryentercs.c: Apply typo patch from bje.

	* tryentercs2.c: Ditto.

Sun Mar  7 10:41:52 1999  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* Makefile (condvar3, condvar4): Add tests.

	* condvar4.c (General): Reduce to simple test case; prerequisite
	is condvar3.c; add description.

	* condvar3.c (General): Reduce to simple test case; prerequisite
	is condvar2.c; add description.

	* condvar2.c (General): Reduce to simple test case; prerequisite
	is condvar1.c; add description.

	* condvar1.c (General): Reduce to simple test case; add

	* Template.c (Comments): Add generic test detail.

1999-02-23  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ise.canberra.edu.au>

        * Template.c: Revamp.

        * condvar1.c: Add.

        * condvar2.c: Add.

        * Makefile: Add condvar1 condvar2 tests.

        * exit1.c, exit2.c, exit3.c: Cosmetic changes.

1999-02-23  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ise.canberra.edu.au>

	* Makefile: Some refinement.

	* *.c: More exhaustive checking through assertions; clean up;
	add some more tests.

	* Makefile: Now actually runs the tests.

	* tests.h: Define our own assert macro. The Mingw32
	version pops up a dialog but we want to run non-interactively.

	* equal1.c: use assert a little more directly so that it
	prints the actual call statement.

	* exit1.c: Modify to return 0 on success, 1 on failure.

1999-02-22  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ise.canberra.edu.au>

	* self2.c: Bring up to date.

	* self3.c: Ditto.

1999-02-21  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* README: Update.

	* Makefile: New file. Run all tests automatically. Primitive tests
	are run first; more complex tests are run last.

	* count1.c: New test. Validate the thread count.

	* exit2.c: Perform a simpler test.
	* exit3.c: New test. Replaces exit2.c, since exit2.c needs to
	perform simpler checking first.

	* create1.c: Update to use the new testsuite exiting convention.
	* equal1.c: Likewise.

	* mutex1.c: Likewise.

	* mutex2.c: Likewise.

	* once1.c: Likewise.

	* self2.c: Likewise.

	* self3.c: Likewise.

	* tsd1.c: Likewise.

1999-02-20  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ise.canberra.edu.au>

	* mutex2.c: Test static mutex initialisation.

	* test.h: New. Declares a table mapping error numbers to
	error names.

1999-01-17  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ise.canberra.edu.au>

	* runtest: New script to build and run a test in the tests directory.

Wed Dec 30 11:22:44 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* tsd1.c: Re-written. See comments at start of file.
	* Template.c: New. Contains skeleton code and comment template
	intended to fully document the test.

Fri Oct 16 17:59:49 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@swan.canberra.edu.au>

	* tsd1.c (destroy_key): Add function. Change diagnostics.

Thu Oct 15 17:42:37 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@swan.canberra.edu.au>

	* tsd1.c (mythread): Fix some casts and add some message
	output. Fix inverted conditional.

Mon Oct 12 02:12:29 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* tsd1.c: New. Test TSD using 1 key and 2 threads.

1998-09-13  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* eyal1.c: New file; contributed by Eyal Lebedinsky

1998-09-12  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* exit2.c (func): Return a value.
	(main): Call the right thread entry function.

1998-07-22  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* exit2.c (main): Fix size of pthread_t array.

1998-07-10  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* exit2.c: New file; test pthread_exit() harder.

	* exit1.c: New file; test pthread_exit().