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  • Created ticket #3919 on jEdit

    jEdit.initPLAF does not re-init Metal after change of properties

  • Committed [r23929]

    Scalable GUI -- avoid hard-wired font.

  • Committed [r23928]

    More generous hard-wired (!) component size to ...

  • Committed [r23927]

    Scalable ColorWell icon according to UI font --...

  • Committed [r23926]

    Proper font scaling according to UI defaults, j...

  • Created ticket #563 on jEdit

    Proper row height default for JTable subclass

  • Created ticket #562 on jEdit

    Proper row height default for JTree subclasses

  • Posted a comment on ticket #559 on jEdit

    I am confused by the status of this: version 23922 on trunk only changes CHANGES.txt...

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2004-04-24 17:58:00


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