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  • Committed [r69]

    Fixes to advanced market model with high-freque...

  • Committed [r124]

    Minor fixes to agent based models and fluctuati...

  • Committed [r68]

    Implementation of market model with agents that...

  • Committed [r123]

    Minor changes of agents and Euler integrator.

  • Committed [r122]

    Updates to DFA.

  • Committed [r121]

    Simple fixes from C++03 to C++11. Implementatio...

  • Committed [r120]

    Fixes to DFA method.

  • Committed [r119]

    Update of MF-DFA methods using conditional vari...

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2008-12-17 11:56:34


  • Project Logo ASEP simulation library Simulation library for SSEP, ASEP or TASEP simulations Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Political economy library Political economy simulation toolkit Last Updated:
  • Project Logo QInterference Double slit experiment visualization tool loving multicore processors Last Updated:
  • Project Logo QTASEP Visualization application for various TASEP, ASEP and SSEP models. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Quantum walk library Toolkit for simulations of quantum walks on graphs Last Updated:


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