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  • Committed [cce31f]

    statvfs changed

  • Committed [da98ab]

    Add new function statvfs; Function open changed

  • Posted a comment on ticket #10441 on Forge

    My system is OS X 10.6, cannot run that fucking installer!!!

  • Posted a comment on ticket #10441 on Forge

    Even if I'm trying to download the source code archive FileZilla_3.11.0.1_src.tar.bz2,...

  • Created ticket #10441 on Forge

    Cannot download some file from FRS

  • Committed [ce864d]

    Add new function mktemp

  • Committed [525305]

    Add new function localeconv; Function isatty ch...

  • Committed [8aa2a4]

    Implements the $? in the command line

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