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  • Committed [525305]

    Add new function localeconv; Function isatty ch...

  • Committed [8aa2a4]

    Implements the $? in the command line

  • Committed [cfd52d]

    Debugging function isatty

  • Committed [8c61d9]

    Add new function access; auto-init for environ ...

  • Committed [d7e697]

    Function rename changed; fork implemented

  • Committed [03f2c6]

    Disable all debug messages; Rename a empty dire...

  • Committed [34804f]

    Function fstatfs can get the device name of the...

  • Committed [353b79]

    Add new function chmod; Function strerror_r cha...

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2012-04-15 05:21:05


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  • Project Logo Kestrel Kestrel is a kernel not Unix or Windows. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo PC GO PC GO 是一个开源工程开发组织。 Last Updated:


  • WinCE
  • C
  • C++
  • Linux
  • Unix Shell
  • C#
  • All POSIX (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like OSes)
  • OS Portable (Source code to work with many OS platforms)

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