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    Add a new function link; Function write_tty cha...

  • Committed [db8646]

    Add new function strdup; stdout and stderr on P...

  • Committed [88604c]

    Function unlink changed; The calling convention...

  • Committed [3704b2]

    Add new functions creat and mkdir, creating a d...

  • Committed [2e4f87]

    Drag and drop supported; Add some information

  • Committed [df1b77]

    Some comments improved; Bit field value automat...

  • Committed [eb8c4b]

    Add some PE header items

  • Committed [9ac936]

    Get the Subsystem value displayed

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2012-04-15 05:21:05


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  • Project Logo Kestrel Kestrel is a kernel not Unix or Windows. Last Updated:
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  • WinCE
  • C
  • C++
  • Linux
  • Unix Shell
  • C#
  • All POSIX (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like OSes)
  • OS Portable (Source code to work with many OS platforms)

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