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  • Committed [r836]

    Bug fix to GetBoxLimits in CDomainPlanes so tha...

  • Committed [r835]
  • Committed [r834]

    Added default values for string in constructors...

  • Committed [r833]

    Bug fix for if GetNode is called without interp...

  • Modified ticket #5 on TexGen

    SWIG 3.0.0 does not generate the wrapper code

  • Posted a comment on ticket #5 on TexGen

    No problem. I should put something in the Linux build info to say that the package...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #5 on TexGen

    Apologies for the delay replying. I tried to answer before I went on holiday but...

  • Modified ticket #3 on TexGen

    unable to compile properly the last source code under Linux Centos

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