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  • Modified ticket #166 on jEdit

    Lucene plugin: Prompt the user when trying to create a index name that contains invalid characters

  • Posted a comment on ticket #166 on jEdit

    Just accepted the patch, I did a minor change: I allow the user to choose it's index...

  • Committed [r23778]

    Applied patch 166 from grepppo to check if the ...

  • Modified ticket #960 on jEdit

    PHPParser 2.0.4

  • Posted a comment on ticket #960 on jEdit

    replaced with 2.0.5

  • Created ticket #961 on jEdit

    PHPParser 2.0.5

  • Committed [r23719]

    tag 2.0.5

  • Committed [r23718]

    Some fixes in html block parsing

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