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  • Committed [r23931]

    Fix highlight selection under caret not working...

  • Committed [r23917]

    added missing annotations and fixed coding style

  • Modified ticket #3914 on jEdit

    Inconsistent JButton Creation

  • Posted a comment on ticket #3914 on jEdit

    Hi, sorry it's a wrong report. This is not the text of the button but a name, this...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #3912 on jEdit

    I just installed jdk 9: jdk-9-ea-bin-b64-windows-x64-13_may_2015.tar.gz and have...

  • Modified ticket #3917 on jEdit

    Undetected fold end at end of buffer

  • Posted a comment on ticket #3917 on jEdit

    Fixed in rev 23916

  • Committed [r23916]

    JEditBuffer.isFoldEnd() was unable to detect t...

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