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  • Committed [r1318]

    Initial version of libamtrack with CMake support

  • Committed [r1317]

    Branch for testing CMake support

  • Created ticket #6 on PyTRiP

    Clean the code

  • Created ticket #5 on PyTRiP

    Fix bugs in GUI

  • Created ticket #4 on PyTRiP

    get some small DICOMs and ship together with PyTRiP (as examples)

  • Created ticket #3 on PyTRiP

    Allow several dicom files with structures

  • Created ticket #2 on PyTRiP

    check if pyTRiP is running under Windows

  • Created ticket #1 on PyTRiP

    Make a release of 1.0.0 version

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2009-09-08 11:35:46


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