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  • Committed [r867]

    make java heap size explicit to workaround glit...

  • Committed [r866]

    update java link to the JDK

  • Committed [r865]

    changes to (1) fix java check on OS X yosemite ...

  • Committed [r864]

    skip SSPACE scaffolding by default since it see...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #18 on ngopt

    Hi Santiago, can you please let us know exactly which version of A5 your are using?...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #40 on Mauve

    Hi Krister, looks like you're on linux, do you know which JVM version you've got...

  • Committed [r4734]

    enable selection of multiple sequence files at ...

  • Committed [r4733]

    Change defaults to compensate for triplet indel...

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