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  • Committed [r703]

    Working on external source

  • Committed [r702]

    Bug fixed in rcone representation. Removing tem...

  • Committed [r701]

    Added interface for external source input

  • Committed [r700]

    Output tested.

  • Committed [r699]

    Introducing plane output to ascii/binary file

  • Committed [r697]

    2d code cleaned a bit

  • Committed [r696]

    liao boundary roughly done for 2d code

  • Committed [r695]

    Implementing GPU Yee step for 2D code

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2004-10-15 14:48:26


  • Project Logo GSvit Fast FDTD solver with graphics card support Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Gwyddion SPM data visualisation and analysis Last Updated:


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