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  • Created ticket #6885 on ScummVM

    INDY3 FMTOWNS: Music is distorted (regression)

  • Modified ticket #6665 on ScummVM

    SIMON1: Music in floppy does not loop after sound-effect

  • Posted a comment on ticket #6665 on ScummVM

    The previous solution had to be reverted, since it caused music looping regressions...

  • Modified ticket #6877 on ScummVM

    GUI: Taskbar visible inside ScummVM [Win10 Build 10130]

  • Posted a comment on ticket #6877 on ScummVM

    Closing as invalid, please don't report issues with in alpha/beta operating syst...

  • Modified ticket #6873 on ScummVM

    FARM: Crash at the end of trivia minigame on easy

  • Modified ticket #5986 on ScummVM

    AGOS: Simon1 Amiga CD32 Verb Area missing

  • Posted a comment on ticket #5986 on ScummVM

    The problem was due to original Amiga versions needing to wait for the verb area...

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