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  • Posted a comment on ticket #6713 on ScummVM

    Looks like another missing feature, the flag value 0x400000 is set in drawWizImage()...

  • Modified ticket #6711 on ScummVM

    Wrong quit message shown in Pajama Sam Lost and Found

  • Posted a comment on ticket #6711 on ScummVM

    The problem was due to HE Games (HE80+) not storing the standard messages in the...

  • Modified ticket #6711 on ScummVM

    "ABCDEF" on quitting Pajama Sam Lost and Found

  • Committed [r1960]

    Add common language script to Windows installer.

  • Committed [r7480]

    Set SDL default back to SDL1 for mingw.

  • Committed [r7479]

    Add missing file to mingw compile guide.

  • Modified ticket #6664 on ScummVM

    SIMON1: Music in floppy version starts only after soundeffect

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