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  • Committed [3e1d32]

    Fixed handling of weapon sprites that can't be ...

  • Committed [e04bff]

    Fixed missing floor tiles

  • Committed [de3627]

    Removed a stray white pixel

  • Committed [d4fe2a]

    Added @Override

  • Modified ticket #5810 on Arianne RPG

    Map bug at 86, 87 in 0_ados_rock_w

  • Posted a comment on ticket #5810 on Arianne RPG

    Fixed now. Thank you for the report.

  • Committed [e09acb]

    Added collision to prevent player walking too c...

  • Modified ticket #5809 on Arianne RPG

    Position (0/0) on maps not accessible

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2006-03-26 08:39:43


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