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  • Posted a comment on ticket #877 on Kiwix

    I have detected only two problems: In the ted files, it looks like, in a page with...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #922 on Kiwix

    We would be really happy to help to make an offline versin of the OSM wiki, but to...

  • Modified ticket #922 on Kiwix

    Support OSM Wiki

  • Created ticket #923 on Kiwix

    Create an instance of zimbalaka

  • Modified ticket #877 on Kiwix

    mwoffliner is not able to deal correctly with audio/video

  • Posted a comment on ticket #877 on Kiwix

    We have a hotfix now for this... keeping the ticket open as long as we don't have...

  • Modified ticket #874 on Kiwix

    Debugging the build for zimwritefs

  • Posted a comment on ticket #874 on Kiwix

    It's fixed in the git now. Thx for pointing this. Running: $./autogen.sh $./configure...

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2003-06-25 19:50:53
Zurich / Switzerland / CEST


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