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  • Committed [r1736]

    Removed quantization stuff that doesn't work ("...

  • Modified ticket #59 on Impro-Visor

    Error message when starting Imro-Visor

  • Posted a comment on ticket #59 on Impro-Visor

    Believed to be fixed in Revision: 1735

  • Committed [r1735]

    Reworked section splitting model. Now selecting...

  • Committed [r1734]

    Changed Sub checkbox to Xfm (transform). Added ...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #59 on Impro-Visor

    The problem is you changed your version of Java when you updated. Your best bet is...

  • Created ticket #58 on Impro-Visor

    Looping causes problems with note and chord entry

  • Committed [r1731]

    Changed initial Lead Beats setting to 4 in prep...

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2009-07-27 18:44:33


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