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Scintilla - Scintilla Log

Commit Date  
[27e23f] (17.4 kB) by Neil Hodgson Neil Hodgson

QInputContext is no longer available in Qt 5.

2013-04-26 01:09:03 View
[4b2a15] (17.4 kB) by John Ehresman John Ehresman

Added autoCompleteCancelled signal

2012-09-24 19:40:37 View
[b4995c] (17.3 kB) by nyamatongwe

Fix 64-bit compilation errors on Windows.
From Fan Yang.

2012-06-29 12:46:51 View
[3f4a45] (17.3 kB) by nyamatongwe

Qt platform layer added. Based on an implementation from Jason Haslam
at Scientific Toolworks, Inc. with additions performed for Wingware.

2012-05-17 02:46:29 View