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  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on PeerGuardian

    Hi On 02/18/2015 08:29 AM, Til Later wrote: I'm trying to set up pgl enclosed in...

  • Committed [205231]

    REPOSITORY: Drop autotools-generated file "miss...

  • Committed [899bc1]

    REPOSITORY: Remove pgosx/ folder (PeerGuardian ...

  • Committed [80d5f0]

    REPOSITORY: Refactor .gitignore files

  • Committed [ac3553]

    REPOSITORY: Move contents of pgl/ to top-level

  • Posted a comment on discussion Open Discussion on PeerGuardian

    14.10 (Utopic) and 15.10 (Vivid) are now directly supported in the PPA. No need to...

  • Committed [c3f847]

    checked in source of PeerGuardian OS X 1.5.1 by...

  • Committed [135d54]

    Hint to an alternative to PG OSX: icefloor

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