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  • Committed [16cf65]

    cmake fixes when using FABM source directly

  • Committed [32db77]

    cmake: use CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR instead of ...

  • Committed [337e23]

    distinguish domain_horizontal and enable its co...

  • Committed [b28c00]

    enable check_conservation per model

  • Committed [a73d6e]

    test for NDEBUG rather than DEBUG

  • Committed [6eecef]

    merge sms, surface flux, bottom flux in scratch

  • Committed [5bf843]

    diagnostics: associate with source routine; ski...

  • Committed [7c48f7]

    moved diag and diag_hz from environment to glob...

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2009-06-30 09:00:39


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