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  • Committed [r3918]

    Improved error handling with corrupt files.

  • Committed [r3905]

    Don't create MD/NM tags on records with seq "*".

  • Committed [r3903]

    Fixed buffer overrun in MD tag calculation.

  • Committed [r3893]

    Only compute SD (score) CRC when quality scores...

  • Committed [r3890]

    Changed default quality value when unable to de...

  • Committed [r3888]

    Extra checking for attempting to use codecs in ...

  • Committed [r3887]

    Fixed a Java/C integration failure.

  • Committed [r3886]

    Bug fix to the CRC32 checking for Java/C integr...

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2001-02-15 16:33:57


  • Project Logo Staden Package   Last Updated:
  • Project Logo fqzcomp A fastq compression program Last Updated:
  • Project Logo sam_comp Compression for SAM/BAM file format Last Updated:
  • Project Logo slimfastq An efficient lossless compression for fastq files. Last Updated:


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