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  • Committed [r3833]

    Modified test data so that the change applied i...

  • Committed [r3832]

    Fixed c++ guard vs double #include guard order.

  • Committed [r3831]

    Auto-join now honours the -min_overlap and -max...

  • Committed [r3830]

    Removal of debugging output

  • Committed [r3829]

    Fixed an issue in "make depend" not working in ...

  • Committed [r3828]

    Fixed minor compiler warning.

  • Committed [r3827]

    Added interval_tree to Makefile.

  • Committed [r3826]

    Allow for dotter -q NUM -s NUM

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2001-02-15 16:33:57


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  • Project Logo fqzcomp A fastq compression program Last Updated:
  • Project Logo sam_comp Compression for SAM/BAM file format Last Updated:
  • Project Logo slimfastq An efficient lossless compression for fastq files. Last Updated:


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