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  • Committed [d399ca]

    Add IPv6::ipv6_addr() method for decoding table...

  • Committed [3daa74]

    Update CISCO-PRODUCTS-MIB to 20150720 revision

  • Committed [67f52d]

    Temporary branch to update Brocade/Foundry MIBs.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #239 on Netdisco

    A git diff never hurts :-)

  • Committed [bbc969]

    Report L2 capability on PacketFront devices if ...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #237 on Netdisco

    The Postgres function 'family(inet)' returns '4' or '6', based on address family....

  • Created ticket #237 on Netdisco

    Device view, ports tab: toggle connected node IP by address family

  • Committed [c4838a]

    Update HUAWEI-MIB to most recent version

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