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  • Modified ticket #192 on Asymptote

    Spline surface wrongly determines splinetype

  • Posted a comment on ticket #192 on Asymptote

    This is an example of a good bug report; thank you! I agree with your analysis and...

  • Committed [r5722]

    Fix bug #192.

  • Committed [r5721]

    Revert r5716.

  • Committed [r5720]

    Close input file before deleting it.

  • Created a blog post on Asymptote

    Asymptote: 2.35 Released

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on Asymptote

    Multiple 3D XeLaTeX and ConTeXt labels were fixed by implementing a work around for...

  • Committed [r5719]

    Increment version to 2.36svn.

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