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  • Committed [r14718]

    bugfix: don't load the file automatically into ...

  • Committed [r14717]

    bugfix: use DataSetURI.toUri( split.file ) to s...

  • Committed [r14716]

    allow timerange as well as timeRange.

  • Committed [r14715]

    release notes

  • Created ticket #1226 on Autoplot

    Rich ASCII ELEMENT_NAMES implied a column in the data, but values explicitly specified the column

  • Modified ticket #1224 on Autoplot

    TSB load when timerange is context, zoom in on timerange

  • Committed [r14714]

    trivial: netbeans suggestions and TODO comment ...

  • Committed [r14713]

    use SpectrogramStylePanel for pitchAngleDistrib...

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