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  • Committed [2ad332]

    at86rf230: move cal_timeout to state change

  • Committed [1cc800]

    ieee802154: Add trace events for rdev->ops

  • Committed [89eb6d]

    mac802154: llsec: fix return value check in lls...

  • Committed [16e5c4]

    Bluetooth: bt3c: Delete some unuseful comments

  • Committed [3b951c]

    at86rf230: add TX_ARET_ON for calibration timeout

  • Committed [d2c8bf]

    at86rf230: add slp_tr support to start tx

  • Committed [850092]

    at86rf230: change state change if from trx_off

  • Committed [d24d81]

    Bluetooth: Skip the shutdown routine if the int...

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