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  • Posted a comment on ticket #40 on The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library

    Any update on this issue? In SuperTuxKart we apparently just had the same problem,...

  • Committed [r15569]

    Added 'driveable' property to indicate physical...

  • Committed [r15481]

    Re-export with default number of laps (and othe...

  • Committed [r15480]

    Updated Easter Eggs to work with exporter (East...

  • Committed [r15479]

    Added default number of laps for math class.

  • Committed [r15478]

    Added support for setting default number of laps.

  • Committed [r15466]

    Added models from stk-code to assets, which is ...

  • Committed [r15443]

    Updated all models (except Sara) to include the...

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