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  • Committed [c7f0ef]

    Support for import from URL added.

  • Committed [cc1338]

    Various GUI enhancements.

  • Committed [5cee50]

    Some issues fixed and entry view extended.

  • Committed [7b5c80]

    Make sure PEM files are only written, after a p...

  • Committed [c66b0c]

    Development build.

  • Committed [a1e6e9]

    Log VM info at startup.

  • Committed [6f6104]

    Extension handling fixed.

  • Committed [fcf6ab]

    Make sure all dialogs are properly resized afte...

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2010-02-08 10:56:22


  • Project Logo CertMgr Certificate Authority administration application Last Updated:
  • Project Logo FileScanner Scans files for known structures and contents. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Space Harvester   Last Updated:
  • Project Logo freeswitch-utils FreeSWITCH PBX utility collection Last Updated:
  • Project Logo zarafa-utils Zarafa Groupware utility collection Last Updated:


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