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  • Committed [7e1ef3]

    Need not the precompiled kernel

  • Committed [c485d8]

    Fix run oscam fail

  • Committed [d401c4]

    Fix: enable load kernel modules

  • Committed [d76f63]

    Set DiSEqC port 1 if no DiSEqC

  • Committed [16bdaa]

    Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

  • Committed [b9c056]

    update to 1.0RC3-20140709

  • Committed [89171f]

    update to 1.0rc1-20140702

  • Committed [47b595]

    update to devel-20140630

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2005-08-13 08:50:34


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  • Project Logo OpenPCTV openpctv is a Linux distribution based enigma2/VDR/XBMC Last Updated:
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