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  • Committed [r34662]

    Ext: Merge kopi-kwb1 branch into trunk. Some of...

  • Committed [r34661]

    Ext: Merge kopi-751 branch with web development...

  • Committed [r34660]

    Fix: The locale is not initialized properly fro...

  • Committed [r34659]

    Fix: Localize from init servlet listener [KWB-32]

  • Committed [r34658]

    Clean: Cosmetics.

  • Committed [r34657]

    Ext: Add a customized servlet implementation fo...

  • Committed [r34656]

    Clean: Remove old unused classes and adapt Make...

  • Committed [r34655]

    Fix: Reduce the size of the timestamp column in...

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2009-03-18 14:36:11


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