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  • Committed [r766]

    Increased internal version

  • Committed [r761]

    JMVA UI: Always set visits at 1.0 when switchin...

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on Java Modelling Tools

    Hello Gareth, you can use the "probability" routing strategy. For example if customers...

  • Committed [r711]

    New patch by Kourosh Sheykhvand to fix System p...

  • Committed [r705]

    Branch to test Maven integration

  • Committed [r704]

    Patch by Kourosh Sheykhvnad to implement Refere...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #277 on ScummVM

    Hi, I just got a notification about this RFE because of edit operation. I think that...

  • Modified ticket #52 on Java Modelling Tools

    simulation result problem

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