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  • Posted a comment on ticket #369 on PeaZip

    Thank you for reporting. In the past I had issue in having the option work consistently...

  • Modified ticket #362 on PeaZip

    ZPAQ Archive - "Add" button grayed out when opening existing archive

  • Posted a comment on ticket #362 on PeaZip

    New release 5.6.0 supports ZPAQ 7.05 and introduces support for adding files to existing...

  • Modified ticket #365 on PeaZip

    PeaZip Does Not Detect Virus Total Uploader, Malwarebytes - Security Software

  • Posted a comment on ticket #365 on PeaZip

    In new 5.6.0 release "Reset applications" automatically checks for 32 and 64 bit...

  • Modified ticket #366 on PeaZip

    Missing executables

  • Modified ticket #367 on PeaZip

    Converting archive, too many "Confirmations" for automatic process

  • Posted a comment on ticket #367 on PeaZip

    Intermediate confirmation dialogs are removed by default in new 5.6.0 release (unless...

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