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  • Posted a comment on a wiki page on SNEZ

    SNEZ is Snort++ (aka Snort 3.0) ready. SNEZ 1.11.2 was released today as a maintenance...

  • Committed [9fbf41]

    SNEZ 1.11.2- handle special characters in signa...

  • Committed [4e6fd7]

    SNEZ 1.11.2- copyright changes and OpenSuse scr...

  • Committed [0bea26]

    SNEZ 1.11.2- fixed up config viewer to not show...

  • Committed [3bc0f3]

    SNEZ 1.11.2 address xss errors created if prior...

  • Committed [c917e4]

    SNEZ 1.11.2 fixed many errors. See README.

  • Committed [8ebd3c]

    SNEZ 1.11.2 corrected install, uninstall script...

  • Committed [70b5ab]

    SNEZ 1.11.2

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