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  • Committed [afcd0f]

    Include '/usr/lib64/mupen64plus' in SEARCH_DIRS

  • Posted a comment on discussion General Discussion on m64py

    Hi, ROM list now uses CRC instead of MD5. You should now see all your games.

  • Modified ticket #7 on m64py

    Cheats not showing for games even though visible in mupen64plus

  • Posted a comment on ticket #13 on m64py

    Hi, Can you try to change values in, currently it have this: SDL_JOYSTICK_DEFAULT_EVENT_TIMEOUT...

  • Modified ticket #14 on m64py

    Request: "Maximum speed" button binding

  • Posted a comment on ticket #14 on m64py

    Hi, you should contact mupen64plus team with that request. M64Py is just a front...

  • Modified ticket #15 on m64py

    v2.0 windows 7 64bit not executing

  • Committed [d06635]

    prepare release

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