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  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on ExodusII

    I think the PIC error is referring to the hdf5 and/or netcdf libraries and not the...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #5 on ExodusII

    This has been committed to the repository. Thanks, ..Greg From: Jordan Deyton<>...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #5 on ExodusII

    Thanks for all the effort. Can you send me a patch file containing these changes;...

  • Committed [805afa]

    APREPRO_LIB: Function overloading and other cha...

  • Committed [4a9272]

    zoltan: restore files accidentally removed

  • Committed [2aff29]

    CONJOIN: Fix extern C declaration

  • Committed [787f8b]

    EXODUS: Sync with internal -- coverity changes

  • Committed [e9b9e2]

    EXODIFF: Fix resource leak

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